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Passionate About Inspiring Others

It’s so easy to say we want to Grow. But what is Growth? How do we Grow? What if I told you there was a way I can enhance your life by simply giving you the right kind of tools. Little things like eating better little things to enhance cognitive function, the right daily patterns to be super human, to not only perform at your best but to also have the mindset to perform at your best??

Hi My name is Wayne Corlis I am the CEO of Capital Peak Performance, Author of "The 2020 Athlete' and "Performing Under Isolation” I also have a podcast called the Peak Performance Show and I’m a Soft Tissue Therapist.

My life considerably changed over the past little while. I opened up a clinic, I was competing as a triathlete at World Champ, I was writing books Then I suddenly I had this urge for something else I wanted to grow I wanted to really see what I was passionate about. My life was changing fast ….my career as a Soft Tissue Therapist was great. I had done almost 12 thousand treatments to date. But I suddenly realised I was not doing as well as I thought. I was at the bottom of life. Everything was changing in front of me. My relationship with my partner was falling apart. I wasn’t eating well. I wasn’t looking after myself. I took things for granted because all I knew was “familiar pain”. I was ok with this. I could handle it because I knew no different.

Until I went on a journey to explore myself, find what I was feeling, figure out what I wanted to do and that was to grow. I wanted to find away to SELF LOVE. I wanted to enhance my wellbeing and I don’t mean Ego. I mean looking after my body and soul. Fixing my subconscious state by doing things that will enhance my conscious life.

My head was full. I was searching for more, so I started to research about inner Growth, Self-Awareness, Performance, Learning, Meditation, Nutrition, Wellness and Health. I did course upon course I reversed engineered my thinking about how things are done and perceived. All the things I thought I knew about me where wrong! I had to gain my self worth and ‘not destroy it anymore, or everyone around me…

So I developed a strategy that I can build around a problem, an injury or an emotion anything, by going back to your core values and your goals. We will touch on goals later. Goal setting is important and needs to be done right too..

This is where you come into it!! If you are reading this, your probably asking yourself, I want a better life? Do I want to be happy inside and out? Maybe you don’t know yet what that is!!

Im going to take you on a journey of self-discovery in all facets of your life. I’m going to give you the skills, tools and knowledge to lead you down your own “Yellow brick road”.

Welcome to your first step in your journey to find your own self love, mindset and self believe.

Yours in Health and Wellbeing

Wayne x

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